Purge  valve leaks_AGilent 1260


i've changed frit and golden seal cap of my HPLC Agilent 1260 as ususal. This time, after the replacement of the valve, there's a leak, I' ve tighten the valve but there is a drop: what can I do?


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  • Please don't use teflon or whatsoever in purge valve fittings, you got to avoid this material entering the system; the risk of entire LC system contamination is too high.

    What kind of purge valve is that? I don't see the PV O-rings P/N 5067-6595. I suggest you to change the gold seal cap assemby P/N 5067-4728, and to use teflon while the spare parts arrive; and better, to replace the entire purge valve, P/N G7111-60061.

    We use LC 1290/1260/1100 with these 2 purge valve in our lab.

    <a href="">https://imgbb.com/"><img src="">i.ibb.co/.../20210708-151414.jpg" alt="20210708-151414" border="0"></a>

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