Purge  valve leaks_AGilent 1260


i've changed frit and golden seal cap of my HPLC Agilent 1260 as ususal. This time, after the replacement of the valve, there's a leak, I' ve tighten the valve but there is a drop: what can I do?


  • Hello, this is the purge valve you have installed on the head of the pump? If yes, I usually never change the gold seal, but I only take it out for the ptfe frit change, then I'm reistalling the same gold seal.

    If the leak is on

    A : replace the nut and the tubing

    B : probably the gold seal is not perfectly adapted, change it again.

    B "MacGyver version" : use teflon on the thread...at least you won't see any drop  


    Alway, never overtight it, it get stuff worse.


    Hope you solve the problem.

  • I have the same problem and did not know how can I resolve it 

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