Problems with method transfer

Hi! I have a gradient method using aqueous and acetonitrile phases and I use Agilent 1260 infinity I system. I need to transfer this method to Agilent 1260 Infinity II prime, but a had problems. using 1260, I had great peak shapes of all ones. But when I used 1260 prime system I had different retention times (something like 40 min on 1260 system and 45 min on 1260 prime system, for one of them). 

Besides that uncharacterized peaks was obtained. Fronting peaks was obtained and it is a validated method using Agilent 1260. Now I have no time to change the original method. I just need a similar performance using agilent 1260 prime. Someone can help me?

  • Transferring a method even to an identical HPLC will produce different results due to the connections not being the exact same. So I normally tell people to not worry too much about the time, but look at the chromatography. In your case, you seem to be saying that it is not too great. So I would look at capillary connections to make sure they are all tight and then look at my column (test another column if you have an identical one) to make sure that it is not peaks coming out of the column. If you have issues still, I would suggest calling your representative so that they can try to see with you what is the issue or even go onsite if it is too complicated via phone.

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