condensate in multisampler?

I have a new 1290 multisampler G7167b which was installed in January.  I am just now having problems maintaining the cooler temperature.  I have it set to 4 degrees C but it keeps generating too much condensation.  I have to keep clearing the lines.  I'm sure this is due to the warmer temperatures we are experiencing.  Is there a recommended temperature to maintain our cooler so that not as much condensate will be generated?  Ideally I would like to maintain a refrigerated temperature however I don't want to be clearing the lines each time.  This last time, I had to wick away the moisture from the autosampler itself in order for the cooler to start coming down in temperature.   




  • I think the amount of condensate produced is just down to the way the multisampler cooler works - and you're probably right that an increased lab temperature will lead to more condensate.


    In terms of keeping the lines clear, the engineer that installed our systems made it clear that the lines must be absolutely straight, with no kinks (where condensate could gather), and the container it drips into must be regularly emptied. We've had problems before where the liquid level reaches the end of the line, which seems to affect the performance of the cooler. We were cooling down to 4 °C so really pushing the instrument. If your samples can handle a bit warmer I've found 10 °C generates quite a lot less condensate.

  • as cpevans said,


    The lines coming out of the cooler needs to have no kinks and no pinches as well as always going downward. You do not want the line to go upward or horizontally since that is a possible place where it can condensate. So I would make sure that the waste line is always going down. Also, make sure you have the Y connector at the cooler to have the little vent tube as well (should have a part going up and the other part of the Y going into the cooler.


    Sometimes your cooler will not be able to reach 4 degrees and it seems that you do not have condensate. In that case, you might have frost inside. So in those cases we suggest you go to higher temperature (30 if possible, room temperature if not) overnight and then the next day try to go back to 4 degrees. Normally overnight, the frost will be gone and the cooler should be able to reach 4 degrees again.


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