Our autosampler 1260 freezes when running a sequence but not for an individual run.  Why?

User can run individual injections but if they try to start a sequence then the arm freezes.  We are operating the LC through a third party software.

  • It would be very tricky to troubleshoot your problem without having more details. What is the model number, which firmware are you running, which CDS, which drivers etc. What exactly happens and when?


    Beside from gathering those details and get in touch with your local customer contact center, I would suggest you try a forced cold start. This can be done from LabAdvisor or with the DIP switches at the rear of the module. Depending on the so-called platform the sampler is based on, your module will have either six or eight DIP switches, Turn off the module, put DIP switches 1, 2 and 6 (or 1, 2 and 8, if you have eight switches) to the upper position. Turn on the module and wait about 30s. Turn off and bring all DIP switches to their original position. Then check if the issue is gone.

  • If I may add to what sschombu said, it is possible that the sequence template file is corrupted. Not sure what your 3rd party SW is and how it works, but I have seen this before and recreating a sequence template from scratch allowed them to work with the HPLC. So you can also look into that kind of thing on your SW.

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