Troublshooting on quaternary pump

Thanks a lot for your help. I fixed the problems I had on the pump but new troubleshooting appeared when I started the device, please find attached the screenshot of different error messages displayed on the pump logbook via Agilent Lab Advisor software. I checked the head pump and the different cable with the mainboard but no result.

What do you suggest to fix this issue and how to solve this problem?

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  • Blockages can occur when buffers have been used on and left in the system. After using buffers, the system should always be flushed with water thoroughly and then left in IPA.


    Assuming that you did not try to initialize the pump with the pump head removed on purpose, I consider the pump head missing error message to be the most critical. Like gabcaron said, there could be a severe blockage in the pump, but a persistant pump head missing error message usually indicates a hardware fault. A service engineer might be required.

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    For the Servo Restart Failed error, it can be created from the pump drive not moving properly. It can also be cause by a blockage of the Inlet valve or Outlet valve. So you can try to loosen one of them and start the module and see if it gives the error again. Otherwise the issue can be pump drive needs to be changed or mainboard is defective.


    Motor Power Too High means that the power drive is drawing too much current. So the steps to verify what  the issue is are the same as above. Loosen valve, start module. If it still gives the error with both valves loose, it is either pump drive or mainboard again.


    Pump Head missing means that there was no pump head at the time and the module gave the error for that. Either that or you need to change your pistons. 


    Overall the issue seems to be either your pump head is blocked inside, wrongly put back together, pump drive is defective or your mainboard is defective. 


    I would suggest trying to do what you can and if it comes to pump drive or mainboard, calling in to get an engineer onsite to look at it for you.

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