What causes an unconfigured module multisampler error?

Mid-way through an injection during a sequence using an Agilent UHPLC that was being controlled by Waters Empower software the system had an unconfigured module autosampler error.  The sequence was aborted and the physical autosampler had a flashing red light.  The software lost track of the multisampler and the instrument and the L/ACE box needed a full restart before the sampler was recognized as a component of the instrument.  Does anyone know what may have caused this error to occur and what steps may be taken to prevent future reoccurances?

  • Do you have a handheld controller plugged into the LC stack?  And was it removed during the run?  


    This issue has been seen with new and old Instant Pilots, different firmware and different stacks always in combination with Empower. 

    Similar symptoms can be observed by a broken CAN port (not terminating the CAN bus properly) in one of the modules of the stack. To distinguish this, please remove any unused CAN cable (to avoid open connections) and connect one module after the other to the access point to identify the broken CAN port. If no module shows up with a particular access point, try another module as access point and repeat the procedure of connecting one module after another. In the issue described above, no module will show up whereas in case of a broken CAN port, modules will show up in LabAdvisor.

    Steps to Follow:

    1. Power off all modules
    2. Remove all CAN (both ends) and LAN cables including the LACE
    3. Put the dip switches for all modules in forced cold start (exception is MCT, obviously)
    4. Power on all modules and allow for all modules to initialize
    5. Power off all modules
    6. Put dip switches in default ip address configuration
    7. Power on all modules and allow for all modules to initialize
    8. Power off all modules
    9. Re-install the CAN cables—DO NOT PLUG IN THE INSTANT PILOT
    10. Place the LAN cable in a different host module
    11. Use LabAdvisor to demonstrate communication with the entire system
    12. Turn off the detector
    13. Set the dip switches on the detector to communicate with Empower
    14. Turn on the detector
    15. Delete the system configuration file in Empower
    16. Plug the LAN cable into the detector and recreate the system in Empower FROM SCRATCH


    If you want to use the Instant Pilot you should do the following:

    1. Turn off all modules
    2. Remove the LAN cable
    3. Plug in the InstantPilot
    4. Turn on all modules
    5. Do whatever needs doing
    6. Turn off all modules
    7. Remove the InstantPilot
    8. Plug in the LAN



    The following these step will ensure that Empower never sees the Instant Pilot.

    • If you cannot reconfigure in Empower, then delete Empower instsrv.dat file then reconfigure.
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