5181-1516 cables

Are the 5181-1516 CAN bus cables between Agilent 1100 modules straight, crossover, or something different?


I'm able to get the DAD module to connect to ChemStation, but it's not recognizing the other modules and I've tried both types of LAN cables, but don't have any 5181-1516 cables. If they're not regular cables, does someone have a pattern so I can make my own?


And if they ARE through- or crossover cables, what should I try next to get connectivity?

  • LAN and CAN cables are quite the same, but the CAN bus carries 24V, so you can really cause some damage by plugging them incorrectly.


    In your case I could imagine either the cables you tried have a different pinout, are too long or your CAN ports are faulty.


    A few more ideas: It´s always advisable to first try to connect to an LC stack with LabAdvisor, as you don´t have to care about drivers or minimum version of your CDS.


    Do not mix firmware sets, e.g. if your DAD is on firmware X.06.X and the other modules are on X.05.X, you won´t be able to see them.

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