Chemstation won't initialize (5977 MSD)

Replaced the computer controlling my MSD5977 and 7890. Reinstalled the software (Mass Hunter) and configured the software for the instrumentation. When I attempted to open software, i received the error "The Chemstation did not complete its initialization cycle" and the software closes. The error displayed in the log file would seem like an MS communication error ... "Error in reading data from the MS interface". My MSD firmware version is 5977 6.00.21. Any thoughts? I've tried going through the config again, with no luck. IP addresses are correct, and ping. 

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  • The fastest solution is to call the toll free number for your location and talk to the Online Technical Support Engineers. 

    In Agilent GCMS Configuration, Help, Check Networking.  Can it complete that test?

    Can you ping the GC and the MS using normal Windows/DOS prompt commands?

    What about the LAN switch - is it plugged in? LEDs blinking? Move the cables to other ports on the switch?

    Did you try to power cycle the GC and the MS, wait for them both to come ready, and then power cycle the computer?

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