How do I solve high oxygen and nitrogen levels after a gas cannister change?

After changing to a new gas cannister, I have been chasing high Oxygen and Nitrogen levels in my system. The gas filters for both instruments show they are still fresh (the right colour indicator), I've switched out for another new gas tank, purged the regulator, tightened fittings and wiped down the analyzer chamber seal. How can these levels still persist?

My triple quad and single quad systems are hooked up to the same He tank. The triple quad has O2 levels at around 7% and N2 levels at around 25%, the single quad has O2 levels at around 3% and N2 levels at around 15%. After each of the above troubleshooting attempts, the levels are the exact same, no real change. Since they are close to atmospheric levels, I thought maybe an air leak, however, the H2O levels are below 1%. 

Any help is appreciated. 


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