Is it a requirement that electrical supply of 8890/5977C GC/MS needs to have neutral-to-ground voltage of less than 1 V?

A 5977C GC/MSD system is installed in our QC laboratory. The technical service claims that there is a <1 V requirement for neutral-to-ground voltage. But I can't find anywhere in Agilent documents this requirement, including Installation and Site Prep guides. I requested the relevant documents for this statement from them; I've yet to get an answer.

Is it really a "must"; or the service is playing it "safe" unnecessarily?

  • High neutral to ground voltage may result in GC or MS communication resets and other strange problems that are difficult to find and solve. An online search will find that <2 V RMS neutral to ground is recommended for everyday house wiring. This is what I send...

    • Line voltage, 120, 208, 220, or 240,    +5% | -10%   with NO spikes, fluctuations, or transients outside of that range for each voltage.
    • Line frequency of 48 to 63 Hz with no fluctuations or transients outside of that range.
    • Ground to Neutral <= 0.5V RMS

    This is page 15 of the 5977C Site Preparation Checklist. I added the red box highlight.  Have an electrician verify the circuit.

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