standards for GCMS evaluation


I already asked similar question concerning standard for LCMS, but here I'm looking for help for GCMS.

Has anybody used the following standard kits for GCMS, please?

Agilent: Test Std HP-1 / HP-5, Ultra 1&2 (Capillary); PN 5080-8858:

Agilent: FID MDL sample Kit PN 5188-5372

I was planning to use them in GCMS OQ and PQ tests and for  GC column evaluation. Unfortunately, there is no additional information in the boxes except the ampules. There is no certificates or extra documents describing the samples, methods, purpose, so I'm lost. I wonder If I have to figure the use of these samples out by myself. 
I already asked about Agilent GCMS Checkout sample and I received great information back from Mr. Paul Salverda (tag: Agilent checkout sample 05970-60045). I hope, that maybe someone can share similar answer. 
Thank you. 
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