Part number for primary fuse holder for 5975C?

Does anyone have a part number to replace the primary fuse holder for a 5975C? Our fuse holder for one of our fuses is stripped, and I don't want to reinstall it again after changing the fuse only to have the same problem again down the road.

Thank you!

  • The fuse holder part that comes out with the fuse?


    There is not an Agilent part number for it as the company that supplies the holder doesn't sell just that part, either. 

    The part that stays in the instrument is soldered to the AC board so to replace that you replace the AC board.

    That is the only safe way. 

  • Yes, it's the fuse holder that comes out with the fuse. I don't plan to replace the AC board or the part attaches to the board, only the holder. I saw some links in your response to some potential sources late last night, but they seem to have been edited or removed. Since Agilent doesn't provide a replacement, could you repost your links so that I could find a source (or provide the name of the part so I can search?) Thank you very much!


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