Relative abundance after ion source cleaning

Hi I am using Agilent GCTQ 7010B with HES (high efficiency ion source). In one of the tune reports I noticed m/z value abundacnes dropping low, I cleaned up the ion source and autotuned again. 

As per the new tune report, the abundances are looking pretty good and it seems the sensitivity has been restored. However, the relative abundacnes are all over the place. I am attaching here the screenshots from the two reports.For instance for m/z 219 the Rel. Abund is 134.3%, so on and so forth. Any help on what could be happening here and how can it fix it?

OLD, before the abundacnes started dropping:

NEW after ion source cleaning:

  • Relative abundance changes as the source voltages change. The electrostatic fields on each of the electrically active components in the source change as the cleanliness of the parts of the source change. The relative abundances change with source temperature, too. This is a "dance with many partners."   Every time the system goes through the autotune algorithm it will change as changes in one lens voltage affect others.

    Looks great. Run samples!

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