CI Tip seal and spring on Xtr EI 350 source?

I've just tried to install a new column and there is a ceramic tip seal and spring in use on the xtr ei 350 source in my 7000C.  The transfer line socket cone is missing.  Is this an acceptable set up?  Should I purchase a new transfer line socket and get rid of the ceramic tip seal? If so, what is the part number for this piece?  Additionally, if the tip seal is ok to use, I would like to replace the ceramic piece as there are some black markings on it. What is the part number for this?  I have a CI source, but it is not installed currently.  Thank you!

I've attached a picture I found online of what the tip seal looks like

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  • Yes.  The Extractor source used in the 7000C has a conical shaped place where the tip seal fits when the analyzer door is closed.

    The tip seal ceramic gets grey and black line marks on it because ceramic is abrasive, and it rubs off some metal from the source body when the analyzer is being shut. Some of that grey to black marking is typical.  The tip seal also sits immediately next to the ionization chamber, so the end is exposed to all of your sample matrix and peaks that come out of the column and it is a great idea to replace it regularly.  How often sort of depends on how much you run it, but every year or two would be typical.

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