HydroInert source

Anybody have any advice on how to clean a HydroInert source? I only found suggestions to replace certain parts and not need to clean but that can be very costly. 

  • When running hydrogen carrier your source should not need as much physical cleaning (compared to helium carrier) because the H2 has a scrubbing effect.  So far I've been told that there is no physical cleaning on the HydroInert source as it could damage the inert coating.  During testing our development team was able to run over 5,000 runs of extracted soil matrix before failing performance criteria.  (For comparison, cleaning was required with helium carrier after less than 600 runs.)  More details can be found at https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/technicaloverviews/public/te-hydroinert-source-5994-4889en-agilent.pdf 

  • Laura, any abrasive cleaning will remove the HydroInert coating and remove it quickly as it is very thin.  I tried a simple test rubbing a HydroInert coated repeller on plain printer paper, which is surprisingly abrasive, and it did not take many passes to damage the coating.  If you feel you must clean it, I would suggest that the least number of wipes with a solvent dampened cotton swab tip would be the most you could do.  If you think of it like cleaning a priceless painting you would not be too far off. 

    How reactive are your compounds of interest?  The HydroInert coating absolutely helps minimize problems seen with reactive compounds but may not be necessary with others. 

    From the pdf Lance references:

    The He GC/MS system required source cleaning after an average of 365 matrix injections (581 total injections). For the HydroInert source, 5,200 matrix injections were completed before the source failed acceptance criteria. The HydroInert extraction lens and repeller were replaced and retuned, and the system was able to recover to acceptable performance. At this time, the HydroInert extraction lens and repeller are recommended to be replaced if found to be dirty, and method criteria cannot be recovered with GC maintenance. The extraction lens insulator (part number G3870-20445) may also be replaced at the same time, as the ceramic insulators can become dirty over time.

    Replacing the HydroInert extraction lens 9mm G7078-20909, repeller  G7078-20902, and extraction lens insulator G3870-20445 are recommended first steps.  Next would be the source body G7078-20903 as that includes the ionization chamber. 

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