Greetings, friends and friends. Question, when I generate an autosim (I create my sim method from a scan) can you please explain the difference between choosing the option (quantify with sim ions or quantify with scan ions)
I attach a photo

Thank you so much

  • Check the acquisition method, is it set up to acquire both SIM and Scan data? If so, this is asking whether to adjust the data analysis quantitation method to either continue quantifying based on your original Scan data or to change it to use the SIM data to perform the quantitation. SIM is more sensitive and would be recommended for quantitation. If the method is set to acquire both SIM and Scan data you can consider changing it to only acquire SIM data which would provide you with more dwell time (quadrupole time) to measure the SIM ions. Additional SIM dwell time is useful to improve the repeatability of signal measurement in low signal to noise situations. If you have enough sample concentration that you have acceptable dwell time for the SIM ions then collecting both Scan and SIM data is good---you can quantitate based on the more sensitive SIM signal, but then also get a spectral library match comparison from the scan data to improve confidence in your identification.

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