MassHunter Qualitative Analysis: Windows layout: Method Explorer not available


I am newby and trying to do a qualitative analysis of chromatograms, using the manual on page 121.

The manual instructs me to use the Method Explorer window. But I cannot find any. There only is a Method Editor. Even loading the default Windows Layout did not help.

The only windows I can find and enable via Menu/View are: Sample Table, Data Navigator, Method Editor, Chromatogram Results and MS Spectrum Results.

  • And if I try it intuitively without manual: I go to Method Editor / Identification, mark a peak at its maximum so that the Mass Spectrum appears for this correspnding retention time, then click "Identify Selected Spectra" . Result: Nothing happens, no search process is running, only a popup window "Operation in Progress" flickers once for a fraction of a second.

  • What version of MassHunter Qualitative Analysis are you using?    (( Help, About... )))

    There are a bunch of ways to do most tasks in MassHunter Qual and Quant.  Do you have a library and want to do a library search of a spectrum, or a deconvolution of a complicated sample and then library search, or you already know what compounds you've injected and just want to look at their spectra?  

    When you select a spectrum from the TIC, it is loaded into the Spectrum Preview Window.  The spectrum is not pulled out to be able to do anything with it. You're browsing...

    You can now either select the icon in bright pink at the top of the Spectrum Preview window or right click to get the context sensitive menu and choose "Copy to Spectrum".

    That loads the spectrum into the Data Navigator and opens it in the MS Spectrum Results window.  Now right click on that window and you get different choices. 

     What do you want to do next?

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