Agilent 7200 QTOF MS Faults Mainboard Shutdown

Hi all,

Out of the blue our QTOF returned the following series of faults, the instrument was sitting idle for 4/5 days when this occurred:

The fault can be cleared, but will return within a few seconds/minutes, leaving the instrument in an error state.

The instrument has been vented and left overnight. Upon powering back on, the series of faults has immediately returned.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

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  • Red/White/Grey/Black - so a 7250 QTOF?

    The MS should pump down no matter if the source cables are even connected.  Turn the mainframe power off, wait ten seconds or so, turn the mainframe power back on and hold the analyzer door closed against the transferline tipseal spring.  You'll need to hold it until the rough pump turns on and then evacuates the system enough to hold the analyzer door shut by itself.  Then let go and wait for the instrument to finish booting and the LED to turn on. Then go into MassHunter and tell it to Pump Down....and it should.

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