Lost of communication

Dear Agilent Community Members,

I have à problème si ce yesterday in out GC/MS système : the PC on our GC/MS system lost the communication with the GC unit (7890A) and MS 5975C.
It can’t open thé msdchem to control the GC « ms at ip adress xxxxx did not respond.

The PC and these units are connected via a switch of RJ45 wich are in orange light but i don’t know why.

Ping from the PC to the GC or Ms didn’t go through (all packets were lost).

The system was working until yesterday morning. 

thanks for your helping, and sorry for my bad english (i’m french).

  • What changed?  Did someone touch your computer?  IT departments frequently do things to connected computers that cause issues. Did Microsoft update your Windows?  The full troubleshooting pathway is not hard, but quite detailed with many simple steps.  Here is a beginning:

    Power cycle the GC, the MS, and the network switch, then power cycle the computer as well. When they are all back up and have completed their self-tests, try it again.  This is always recommended by everyone for every electronic device, right? 

    Use a LAN crossover cable to connect from the computer directly to the MS, skipping the LAN switch. Can you PING the MS IP address?   That test tells you if the computer and LAN card are working, have the proper addresses, and the MS interface board is working and has the right addresses.  You can do this same test from the computer to the GC as well.  If each of those tests work, reconnect the LAN switch and try again.  If they work separately, but not connected to the switch - try a different LAN switch.

    and let us know what happened.

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