is it possible to plot more 20 ions with a 5977B msd?

Hello everybody !

I need to create a new SIM method, but i have to plot many ions. The Software tells me i can't because the number of ions plotted not must more 20. Do you know if it's possible to plot more ions?

thank you.

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  • You don't want too many SIM ions per SIM group. You need to have typically three to five SIM group cycles per second and so must balance how many ions and the necessary dwell time per ion for good sensitivity and enough data points per peak for valid, useful, quantifiable peaks.   If you're quantitating the data each SIM ion chromatographic peak needs at least a minimum of eight to ten data points. 

    20 ions would require only 14ms dwell each to get to three cycles per second.  That means that your detector is only looking for each ion of interest for at total of only 42 milliseconds in every second.   Add more SIM Time Segments. Reducing the number of ions per SIM Time Segment and increasing each ions dwell time while balancing the SIM cycles per second will give you better data.

    You can plot each one up to all of them in qual and quant

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