Turbo pump won't speed up MS5975C


I have a MS 5975C and the turbo pump won't speed up after it was vented for changing the column.
It reaches to and holds vacuum very well, I have checked for leakage and it seems okay, and ion source is a clean one. Do you have any thoughts on which other parts of it I should troubleshoot?

  • Was the proper ferrule used on the column?  It must be a graphite/vespel ferrule installed with the cone shaped side into the nut and the flat side towards the MS Transferline.

    Loosen the analyzer shipping screws completely. The vacuum holds the analyzer shut, so they are not needed during normal operation.

    1.Remove the analyzer window cover
    2.Open the vent valve by turning the knob counter-clockwise – do not open it too far, ~1/2 turn is sufficient
    3.Hold the analyzer door shut. Press on the metal box on the side board.
    4.Press the Power button on the front of the MSD
    5.The foreline pump will make a gurgling noise.
    6.Listen to hear a sucking sound from the vent valve. This signifies that the side plate has sealed. Close the vent valve fully.
    7.The rough pump gurgling should stop within a minute.
    8.Start MassHunter Data Acquisition
    9.In the Instrument Control view of the Instrument menu, select MS Vacuum Control to display the Vacuum Control dialog.
    10. Click Pump Down in the Vacuum Control dialog and follow the system prompts
    11. When prompted, turn on the GC/MSD interface heater and GC oven. Click on OK when you have done so. The software will turn on the ion source and quadrupole heaters. The temperature setpoints are stored in the current tune file (*.u).
    12. After the message Okay to run appears, wait at least 2 hours for the system to reach thermal equilibrium. Data acquired before the system is equilibrated may not be reproducible.

    After this procedure, does the turbo pump still not spin?

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