How to properly set starting parameters (6890 and the Chemstation)


So after having to switch the LAN card of my setup I am now back with a system that do connect over IP to GC/MS and I am able again to start measures. However I still do not have signals like Ion and spectrum.

I have analysed old measures and I have seen that very few have any data in them at all, some few old ones have. It looks like the system have not been properly setup/started prior to run, by saying that what I means is that I found out that of the folders with measures that did run there is a huge log/skript that looks like some sort of scripting language that is I analyse it there are lots of variable definitions, conditions, and also the signals I want to acquire. 

In the folder created when I do this there is nothing but a log book saying that no data was aquired.

So to my question:

What are the necessary parameters (files) needed to make a proper measurement. I am asking if there is some setting file, or script file needed outside the folder name. When click start I am asked to put in a name the rest is set and the two bottom lines I do no use. 

I tried to browse the manuals for this but there is SO MANY manuals and I did not find a "how to" guide, there are more like reference manuals which do not tell me simple how to. :(

I should read them all I know but I am only the "repair guy" so I do not really intend to run the system in depth later. Any quick ref how to do this properly?

I suspect that if there is now "script" describing HOW to measure and WHAT to measure then no data is saved. It is more like "dry running" the system where everything seems to be in order but no data.

Any input to this prior to next week when I have to try new ideas?


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