Edwards turbo pump pin settings for power cable, help identify?

Can someone please help identify the pin setting to check for power on the below cable? The cable supplies power to the Edwards turbo pump HP G1946-80001.

  • Moving this to GCMS hardware for better visibility. 

  • That now obsolete pump was used in  G1099A 5973 GC MSD   or     G1946 LCMS.   

    The way a turbo pump is driven is pretty complicated, too. It's not just a simple motor. From an Edwards turbo power supply manual:

    "The power supply converts the single-phase electrical supply into a regulated d.c. electrical supply to control the operation of the EXT pump. The pump has three Hall effect devices which operate as rotor position sensors. These sensors ensure that the drive current is correctly switched to the phase-windings of the pump-motor . The Hall effect devices also generate a speed signal which the Controller uses to regulate the rotational speed of the pump."

    Trying to measure output won't work.  The motor has to be connected for the controller to supply the proper voltage and current to the proper windings, in the proper order, at the proper speed, to work.

    Does the turbo spin at all ?  When the rough pump turns on and air is sucked through the turbo pump, do the blades move? If not, then the pump must be replaced/rebuilt.

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