Acceptable abundance for quantification

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I have been trying to find an answer to this question for some time and I finally resolved to ask the community.

I'm working with a 7890B/5977A GC/MS and I was wondering what would be the best abundance window for quantification.

As well, what could be a 'too high' abundance where, eventually, detector saturation would occur.

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  • The smallest peak of interest only needs to be about 3x the background baseline. In Scan that is set with gain and threshold. In SIM that depends on the system response for each SIM ion.

    Too high -- You want to inject the smallest quantity of sample with the lowest concentration you can every time.  Everything that comes out of the column goes into the MS and all that stuff sticks everywhere. The adhered organic layer continuously redistributes inside the vacuum chamber and goes all over, which will affect your response and require more maintenance.   Try not to have your highest standard individual ion response more than a million counts or so - TIC peaks in the small millions maximum.   

    The higher concentration and the more samples run, the more remedial maintenance must be performed.   

  • Thank you for the answer.

    The small millions is good lead. Thanks

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