7000 error MS1 and MS 2 U+/- cannot maintain requested mass setting

The 7000C in my lab has started throwing the MS1 and MS2 U+/- cannot maintain requested mass setting errors.  I was also getting an RF voltage could not be maintained and had a service tech out to check that.  The RF board needed replacing and the tech felt the MS1 and MS2 boards were ok (passed all diagnostic tests in his software).  The MS1 and MS2 errors are still persistent.  If I reboot the 7000C and Masshunter (ver 10, SR1) the instrument will sit all day without an error.  When we try to run samples the instrument will start to generate the errors.  Looking around at other posts it appears this might be more of a mainboard problem?  Is there a patch or newer SR release for Masshunter 10 that might address this? Could it be a corrup method or tune file (error still happens after tuning from default values).  My initial reason to have a service call was that an HED error was sensed.  Could that also be due to a bad mainboard?

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