Where can I download scripts for a PAL RSI 85 operating on a 8890/5977 with Masshunter?

We received an 8890 (G3542A, US2125A030)/5977 (G7077-64427, US2131D101) GC/MS with a PAL RSI 85 autosampler (MXY-0L03C, 573772) equipped with the SPME Arrow accessories controlled by MassHunter 10.1.49. The Agilent engineer finished the installation Wednesday (11-3). I tried to use it this morning and the scripts available do not include one for the Arrow. The only SPME script is SPME-STD-v3.4. This script doesn’t allow the Heatex stirrer as an agitator option and when I run it, it generates an error: "only arrow injectors can be used with this tool". Only 4 scripts are available in Script Manager

Where can I find and download scripts for the PAL RSI?

Is there a way I can write my own scripts?

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