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At the end of a run a message comes up saying the computer is running out of memory. If I close and restart the software it goes away for half a day then comes back. Restarting the computer doesn't help. It delays moving on to the next sample for a few minutes instead of the usual few seconds. Any suggestions? Is this more an IT issue? 

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    It's IT issue..

    Check how much GB left in harddisk.

    Delete temporary file and do defragment of system.

    There may one more chance that battery on mother board of PC also need to change.Generally, it's CR2032 battery..

    And last, if no success then format PC and reinstall instrument software.But before that make image file of PC..You can ask from any IT Guy...

  • MassHunter does a memory test. Microsoft changed the way that the computer memory was managed and this test sometimes returns a false positive. It was resolved in MassHunter 10.1 SR1 (service release 1) and newer.      More memory will not resolve this issue.  The way Windows manages memory will not allow an out of memory to actually happen.  

    In situations where the PC actually is having performance issues, make sure that there are not other applications running that are consuming a large amount of memory, processor, disk, or network resources while running MassHunter GC/MS Data Acquisition (such as complex data analysis.) Rebooting the PC once a week or after several hundred injections may be helpful in some situations but is not required or necessary under normal conditions.

    To disable the memory test, note the message in D:\MassHunter\GCMS\1\Resources.txt

    To disable memory test, someone who knows how to do it properly should edit the following entry in the [PCS] section of C:\GCMS\MSEXE\MSDCHEM.INI:


    Note: C:\GCMS\MSEXE\MSDCHEM.ini cannot be modified when the software is running in Compliance mode.

  • This is good information. A note of clarification, the alteration of the PCS section is valid to from E.02.01 GCMSD Chemstation forward and all versions of MassHunter Acquisition. Also when saving the MSDCHEM.INI file, do not use Save As. This will add a .txt extension making the file invalid, so Save is best practice. Also good practice to make a backup of the file prior to altering.

  • This isn't MassHunter. It's Chemstation E.02.01

  • Thank you, Gary, for providing that critical detail.  Thank you, James for your answer above!  E.02.01 was released in May 2010

    Also - a memory test is not of the hard drive, it is the operating memory of the computer, the RAM.  It might be worth it to run a test of the physical memory for some amount of time to see if something is going away.

  • Can you share picture of error appearing on computer?

  • We added memory to the computer and that fixed it. IT must have added or changed something so it used more memory.

  • Ok hand

    Gr8 to hear that IT solved your problem..

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