post PM issues

I just had a PM completed on my 7200 QTOF system last week and it spent about 5 days undisturbed to allows for the vacuums to come down to the appropriate range for a tune. I began to do a tune this morning and I quickly got multiple errors including repeller fault, source body fault, mainboard #1 shutdown, mainboard #2 shutdown. After aborting the tune and some observing, I noticed that the faults are being triggered by the source temperature. The source is set at 230C but as soon as it reaches 220C all of the errors pop up. As soon as I open the vacuum control the errors clear themselves and the source cools down. 

Agilent service thinks that the source was potentially damaged while being reinstalled after cleaning during the PM but the tech that actually did the PM thinks it might be a corrupt tune file. Anyone have this issue before?

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