MS 5975C - Sequence not starting - 'MS parameter 64.256 is outside the allowed limits: -0.0313 to 64.0313. Sequence error.'


I am experiencing unusual problem. As in the subject, my sequence stops right after attempting to run and MS parameter 64.256 error is logged in the Current Logbook. I have never seen anything like this before.

I did some maintenance before that happened. I cleaned the ion source as always. When trying to tune it later on, tuning stopped few times showing an error of MS parameter 64.256 being out of range. I managed to finally tune it using a previous tune file as a template, but the tune report was not great. High EM voltage suggested me to replace it, and I did it as it was old anyway.

I managed to obtain a good tune this time but that was the end of my luck. Happy to run a calibration, I proceeded with starting a sequence and then it refused to run.

Can anyone suggest what to do? I have attached few recent tune reports for better understanding. 

Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi

    Try to bake out the system..There are noise signals in tune report.

    Like bakeout today then run autotune tomorrow to see result..

  • If still problem persist then please call to your local agilent support because may be HED and mass filter need cleaning...

  • Thanks for your kind reply! What do you mean by baking out the system? Increasing the ion source temperature? I am only familiar with baking out the column...

  • Can you share software version of instrument?

    You can find it in help or about option..

  • Check page number 4 and 5 of above document...

  • Hope, it's clear to understand now...

  • I did not know about it. Seems to be a very useful feature.

    Thank you!

  • You are using Masshunter..

    In manual tune dialog, you can find bake out option..

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