GCMS, CTC PAL injector

I have a couple of enquiries - I am using an Agilent 7890 GC, 5975 MSD and CTC PAL injector.

Firstly - I am new to CTC injector, I use both liquid injection and headspace injection. I am wondering if anyone can point me to resources that advise on recommended values for things like needle penetration into injector/vials for when using it for the liquid injection and also headspace injection. I am transferring a method from a headspace unit that had transfer line delivery and have not used a set-up like on the CTC before - I'm sure the needle depth will be important for reproducibility in either mode but can't find recommendations anywhere. 

Also - I am new to Agilent GCMS (only used shimadzu and PerkinElmer before) so I am new to the MS chemstation. Could someone point me to resources that guide you through using the data analysis software and SIM method development / quant method development and how to use it please? I have not done quantitative analysis via GCMS before (just used it in development environment looking at identity of peaks rather than quantifying contents). 

Thanks in advance! 

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