7010 gc/ms/ms. Parametr autotune. Voltage at the HES source and EMV


I have 7010 ms/ms. And when I did autotune and I didn’t like the voltage on the HES and EMV source. The repeller voltage should be between 22 and 32 volts. I have 16 volts. Ion focus normal voltage -74 - 90 volts, I have -193 volts. And I also do not like the voltage on the EMV, it is 2220 volts, I think this is a lot, although it is permissible. I have two questions. What could be the reason for these deviations in voltages, is it necessary to change the source of the HES, or will it be enough to clean it? And the second question - where can I find more detailed information about the ms/ms settings?

I attach file autotune

regards, AzraelPDF

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