Tune eval text file missing.


We are missing our tune eval text file from our data file.  An auditor requires an explanation and I'm not sure why this happens.  When we pull up the data file and generate the tune eval to screen we get the text and graphics but I am trying to research what could cause this text file to not get save with the data file.


  • Hello Jem,

    Can you please provide some details of your system such as the type of MS, the model of the MS, which software you are using and the version of the software.  

    There are a wide range of MS types with very different software platforms.  For example some of the MS systems still in heavy use today can go back 20+ years with 20+ years of software versions.  

  • Hi Woody,

    I apologize for not getting back sooner.  The issue was resolved. 

    What I found out via phone call with an Agilent Tech is that the tune eval txt file only appears when "Evaluate to screen" is selected.  The times that we chose "Evaluate to Printer" only, the txt file was not created.  This occurred on a variety of models.  5977 was the model that we found the problem on.

    Thanks for checking on this because I did want to provide a resolution in case this occurs for anyone else. 

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