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Please, thank you very for your help, i have succed to fix the issue. But now there is another problem, when you look at the pictures, you will see that i try to autotune but the information i receive was " tune action stopped: cannot achieve constant peak widths" and when i try to load an old files the same information came Again. Also i try a detailled profille i realise that the value of the vacuum pump was 00.00 but it shoes that the ms is ok. I m realy disturb. Thank you to help me

  • Basically, for good performance of MS, Need following things:


    A good vacuum.

    A good bombardment of ion on HED.


    In picture attached by you, value of entrance lens is zero. Look like source is dirty. So better to clean it.

    For good vacuum, change rough pump oil and mist filter( if connected ) if color of oil change n filter look dirty.


    For, rugged use of MS, always keep Electron multiplier horn, ion source assy and pump oil in your own stock.


    You can change whole ion source assy and horn directly. Old ion source assy, clean and keep in nice packed to use next time. Like this you can rotate and save time.

  • Be aware, Entrance Lens could be Zero because of the bad (not complete performed) tune.

    First load a good tune file and try to see profile masses in manual tune.




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