What causes the error Tune action stopped: MSD: Communication Error: Download command timed out...

I seem to get this error periodically when I run the tune on our 5977B GCMSD high efficiency source.  Is there an issue with the system?  

  • Hello ,

    some questions:
    * "I seem to get this error periodically":
       ~ how often does this happen? (e.g. with every tuning)

       ~ approx. since when does this happen? (e.g. after a new PC/ after power failure / after ion source cleaning?)


    * has the MSD been restarted before? (power off/on)


    * has a tune file from the scratch already been used?
        => maybe a new/additional Masshunter instrument could be created here, which only contains the MSD:
       Then all MSD (tune) values are available as default. e.g. i use the instrument 4 for this, if it is free!


    * if the error occurs: can a 'generate report' be executed?


    * the 'mstune.log' could be uploaded here (please as file only)


    * Versions:

       * what firmware is installed on the 5977?

       * which exact Masshunter ACQ version is used?


    * paths for files are typical (x corresponds to the instrument number):


    regards, M

  • Hello again mhardacker,


    I tracked down the firmware for the 5977 and it is 6.00.34


    You have any additional advice in addressing the issue?


    Kind Best,



  • Hi ,mhardacker,

    If you are still having issues and this system is fairly new ,I would recommend logging a service request call for this issue.


  • Hi Mitch,

    thanks for cleaning up, but the initiator of the process was rcbint.


  • Hello Mitch,

    This is still and issue.  I will make a call.

    Thank you


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