GCMS won't start run without pushing the "Start" button on GC

My computer recently crashed and we lost all of our old files including our previous methods and data. We were using an older version of Chemstation (Saphire). We just got a new computer and MassHunter program set up through Agilent and the tech assisted us in making our method.

I was starting to run my first calibration with the new program and I seem to be having issues with starting the run, I set up a 12 sequence run, I can hear my headspace sampler sampling and setting up the run, the GC gets ready and the MS is awaiting the sample but when the sample should be going to the GC, the headspace sampler reads "Sequence aborted: external not ready" and the run stops. If I push the start button on the GC the sample continues as it should but the sequence does not continue.

Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe I'm missing a step in the program since we're basically starting from scratch.


I have a 7697A Headspace Sampler, 7890A GC, and 5975C VL MSD. And, as I said, we just had MassHunter installed.



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  • I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

    It turns out that the issue was that the GC method was running too long for the time sequence that the sampler was set on. The sampler was wanting to inject before the GC was ready causing the sampler to abort the sequence.  All I had to do was shorten the GC method timeframe.


    Thanks for your time and help!

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