How to Tune to a custom tuning compound

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I have a quick question that may or may nto have a long answer.


Is it possible to create an "atune" type procedure for a different compound than PFTBA. for example, if the PFTBA was replaced with an analyte in solvent, can an automative tune be created for that specific compound?


Reason why I ask is possibility to analyse 6-8 different SIM ions and maximise the resolution/abundance of the ions.


I think in theory this can be done manually with a trained technitian, but can this be done through an automatic means?

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    The short answer is no. The best way to optimize your SIM ions is to find PFTBA ions that are close and optimize them. This the most reproducible way.

  • PFTBA is used because it generates ions across the range of masses that most users are interested in. If you want to tune your system to be more sensitive for low masses or high masses there are separate tunes available. The low mass autotune is available from the tune and vacuum control menu and can be done using PFTBA. The high mass tune requires a separate PFHT calibrant.


    Alternatively, you can use the tune wizard (also available in tune and vacuum control) and choose one of the other main PFTBA ions to maximize. The wizard will give you the choice to maximize response for either 69, 219, or 502. Depending on what mass range you are interested in this may help.


    I would still use the default tune settings and then collect scan data for your analytes. Examine the spectra and identify the ions of interest, and then convert to a SIM method and acquire data for only those ions-this will be much more sensitive and reproducible than doing a custom tune.

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