Anyone else have 24 and 26 error codes after MS maintenance?

After cleaning the source and pumping down the 5973 will not reload and gives the 24 and 26 error codes.  I have to reboot the computer to fix the problem.

  • Does it state anything with the error messages? Like "source cannot reach temperature" or anything like that?


    If this wasn't happening prior to cleaning the source but it happening now after cleaning the source. I would vent tge MSD, turn it off when it's vented, take the source out, disassemble it, clean it with your choice of solvent, let it dry at an appropriate temperature, reassemble it and then put it back into the MSD.


    Ensure all the wires are fitted to the correct positions and pump down the system. Once the turbo pump reaches 100% speed, turn on the software 9chemstation/masshunter/etc) and let it reach temperature. Then let it settle for two hours to stabilize.

  • found these for you through...

    tune and Vacuum control > status > MS error codes


    So looks like, if the error was not there before the source change, that there maybe an issue with the filaments.Does the turbo pump reach 100% and what does the vacuum go down to? How many Torr?


    Error code 26 shows there is an issuewith the HED, potentially, but I suspect it is something different as this error normally only shows up weither during sample runs or tuning.

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