GC/MS Instrument fault detected 2.5 emission current controller



I am having problems with my GC/MS (7890B & 7000). Every time I try to autotune it, I get a message saying "instrument fault detected 2.5 emission current controller cannot regulate the requested setting after a fixed amount of time". The emission current goes up to about 36µA when it should be 35µA, the same thing happens when I switch to filament 2. I did clean the source last week but it did autotune successfully afterwards. I've also double checked the wiring in the source and all seems fine.


We did have a power cut at the weekend, I don't know if this could have caused the problems.


Any help would be much appreciated.



  • Hi,


    here you have several causes:

    1st you can fix/try out by yourself, replace both filaments with new ones, even if the second looks "good".


    This problem could be caused by a broken board (source ceramic board, filament drive board or main board).

    If you already replaced the filaments, please call Agilent service center to get an onsite repair.




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