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Greetings from Portugal!

I have a GCQQQ / Uxxxxxxx MS model 7000 C device, which is reporting the attached error .(intrument control not initialize propely..)..after a colleague me freed up space on the C disk that was full (obviously it changed or deleted something important).

Do you know what I can do to resolve the situation and I have the installation program, is it possible to reinstall Instrument control? The data analysis and data quantitive are working.


Thank you in advance.

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  • Hello Sara,

    Thanks for info & well done with the solution.


    a tip for the future, which i also recommend to our customers:
    Lab PCs are complex Windows installations & errors can quickly occur (e.g. hard disk crash, etc.).
    Every Lab PC should be backed up with an image (a kind of full backup).

    We recommend our customers Paragon Hard Disk Manager, at least version 14, this also works with Windows 10.


    regards, M

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