How do I change my autotune temperature settings?

I'm using a 7890/5975 with an inert ion source - my methods and manual tune utilize a source temperature above 300 degrees and I want to match my autotune to that as well. Currently if I want to autotune, my MS default temp will switch back to 250, but I want consistency between the two. 

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    you're able to set the temperatures in the tune and vacuum control menu. Go to PARAMETERS --> MANUAL TUNE, set the ion source temperature to 300 and save the tune file.


    If you tune the instrument, use TUNE --> TUNE MSD instead of ATUNE


    Warning: Your maximum allowed temperature depends on the type of your ion source, some of them have a maximum of 250 degrees.




  • And by default the source temp max in the software is 250 C for the reason PWD mentioned. If you look at your ion source and it says EI 350 then it can be run at up to 350 C. Go into your MS Temperatures menu in Tune and Vacuum Control and change the limit to something > 250 C, then change the set point to the desired value. Save the tune, allow 30-60 minutes for the system to equilibrate at the new temperature fully, then run an autotune. After autotuning, update the method source temperature to match the tune.




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