Error running autotune on Agilent 5975C MS

My filament burnt out during one of my runs so I went into tune parameters and switch to the second filament. The MS seems like it is working since I can see a light through the window when I turn it on. Unfortunately, I every time I try to autotune it looks like it is going well but in the middle it stops and  gives me an error reading:

""Tune action stopped: -310, ({SA00}:RMP:STRT;): Timeout waiting 108760 usec for AE to process 1 scan(s).",  -310, ({SA00}:RMP:STRT;): Error executing Acquisition Engine recipe = -1,",310," ({SA00}:RMP:STRT;): Timeout waiting 1078760 usec for AE to process 1 scan(s).  "'-310,"({SA00}:RMP:STRT;): Error Executing Aquisition Engine recipe = -1""

I thought it may be a corrupted tune file so I found an older file and saved it, only changing the filament to the working one. This did not work. I have been told I may need to reset tune parameters to default but I am not sure how to do this.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what this problem is and how I could solve it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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