Distinguishing Between Standard and Enhanced Syringe Carriages (7693 ALS)

This article provides information about the difference between the 7693A injector syringe carriages. There are (2) two syringe carriages used with the injector (LVI) Large Volume Injection or Enhanced Syringe Carriage and the standard.


Standard Syringe Carriage: The standard syringe carriage will work with our current syringe offering with volumes ranging from 0.5 micro liters to 100 micro liters. Current syringe sizes include the following:  1ul, 2ul, 5ul, 10ul, 25ul, 50ul, 100ul syringes.


Enhanced Syringe Carriage (LVI): This syringe carriage uses larger syringes with volumes of 250 and 500 micro liters. It will be used for Large Volume Injections as well as sample preparation procedures such as dilutions. The Enhanced Syringe Carriage uses a larger plunger motor and larger clamps that allow the use of larger syringes.


Our standard syringes will not work with the Enhanced Syringe Carriage.




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