Sampling Rate

Could someone clarify sampling rate units?  I've seen it reported as "points/sec" How does this translate to hertz/sec? If someone can answer that would be great, if you can provide me with a source it would be fantastic 

  • Hello James Jenkins: Thank you for replying.  My question is rather generic in that different vendor request that you select a sampling rate of X points/sec other hertz/sec. I recall that Waters HPLC systems request that you input a sampling rate of points/sec where as Thermos Ultimate 3000 systems (via Chromeleon CDS) request a hertz/sec value for sampling rate.  QC chemists get a methods developed on one type of HPLC system and then have to scramble around to try to interpret what the setting would be for another type of HPLC system. I specifically want to know what 2 points/sec would be in hertz/sec. I think it is one for one, meaning points/sec = hertz/sec, but not 100% sure. 

    Any help would be very helpful


  • This should help. This is specific to GC but for the most part can relate to other instruments detectors.


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