Problems Analyzing CO2, CO, H2, and CH4 on a 7820A Gas Chromatograph

Hello, I am a master's student in nanotechnology at the Universidad Juarez in the state of Durango in Mexico. At the university we have a 7820A Gas Chromatograph.
The problem is the following. My objective is to produce H2 by steam reformation, therefore, I need to analyze different gases, such as hydrogen, CO2, CO and CH4, however, at the time of administering the gases of interest (mentioned above) the chromatograph does not separate the respective peaks of each gas, in fact in all occasions, no matter what gas I am analyzing, always appears a single peak in the same retention time. I have even made a mixture of CO2, CO, H2 and CH4, but I still get only one peak.
I have been trying to fix this problem by changing the columns, checking for gas leakage or adjusting the method according to different scientific articles, for example by increasing the oven temperature, changing the gas flows, etc. I have also analyzed the gases by injection but nothing has worked.

It should be clarified that the chromatograph has two columns:

  • GS-Q

My doubts are:
Is the problem due to an equipment failure?
If it is not the equipment and it is only the method used, what conditions should I put in place to be able to analyze the gases mentioned above?

Thank you 

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