ALS 7693 Autosampler tray gripper cannot release sample vial

Dear forum,

we are using an ALS 7693 Autosampler Tray to deliver samples to the injector turret.

The issue is, that the Sampler-Gripper sometimes goes in to error mode when releasing the samples back in to the Tray. The Gripper tries one more time and then places the sample into a default position in the back of the tray. My observation is, that the movement of the gripper jaws extends too much to the left and right. The gripper jaws collide with samples standing in adjacent positions (left and right of the gripper). In most of the cases, these samples move aside and allow the gripper to release his sample. However, from time to time and not reproducibly, the sample is not released and put to aforementionted default position. If this happens twice during a sequence, the whole sequence ist aborted.

Is there a way to calibrate or alter the range of the gripper jaw movement during sample release back to the tray? How can I affect travel of the Gripper Z-axis?  Would the "Aligning the Sample Tray" procedure found in the manual alleviate the problem? Is there a way to restore alignment parameters to factory setting, if the new alignment would worsen the situation?

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