990 micro GC and VICI 16-port stream selection valve

Dear Agilent,

I want to name the sample ports at a VICI 16-port stream selection valve configured to a 990 micro GC. We are using Chemstation C.01.10 as instrument software. The Stream selection ports are named in the Setup Method - Samppler wiindow, but the sample port name does not appear in report after a sequence run. What can be wrong?



  • Hello  ,

    I am unfamiliar with the micro GCs, but I did find some old documents for configuring stream selector valves in EZCHrom and Chemstation, for 490 micro GCs. It seems that for that model, the configuration was done not in the sequence but on the instrument configuration screen. Here is the document I was referring to:

    Configuring a Stream Selector Valve with the Agilent 490 Micro GC

    While I am nowhere near certain this is the solution, I'd still be curious to see what appears in the instrument configuration screen for the 990 GC. Would you mind including a screenshot of that? To get to the configuration screen you need to:

    - go to the Chemstation Control Panel.

    - click on the Instruments tab on the bottom left of the Control Panel window.

    - Select the 990 instrument.

    - Click on Configure Instrument.

    I assume the instrument is currently configured so you should see it in the Configured Instruments list, so I would double-click on that and see if that configuration screen looks similar to the one in the link provided above.

    If it does not, let's see if someone with a similar hardware-software combination has any suggestions.

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