GCMS in Waiting for Prep Run state - won't inject unless pressing Prep Run Button

Agilent 7890A with Agilent 5975 MSD. Gerstel MPS Sampler

I can't inject a sample in a sequence unless I hit the prep run button on the GC.  I have to do that for each line in the sequence.  

We just upgraded our computer and software to Masshunter 10.0.368 and Maestro 1 v1.5.4.23/3.5 (MPS Firmware 2.5.18319.839).

Software RUN STATUS is PreRun and INSTRUMENT STATUS is Ready. Stays in this spot. If I hit PREP RUN on GC panel, the injection proceeds. However, the next line in the sequence will get held in the same spot.

On the GC Console - "Waiting for Prep Run" and "Front Inlet Purging".

Can you please provide assistance? 

I can't find the auto prep run (on/off) setting.  

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