Preparing a natural gas sample and injecting it automatically, changing the current method to another method during the instrumentation in the case of running, and injecting it automatically after the sample is finished injected into the device.

One of the many advantages in the great Openlab CDS software of the international company Agilent.
In the event that there is a natural gas sample that has already been injected into the device and the instrument is in the operating state, and in the event of the need to prepare and inject another natural gas sample using other method  than the active method on the instrument, and therefore it is not possible to send another method to the instrument, this can be done with the great software Openlab CDS Software only  We prepare the sample and install it in the place of the inlet sample, and we change the method from the Change the Acquisition Method page (we will notice that the arrow of sending the method to the instrument is not active), then we return to the Single Sample page and change the processing method (PMX) , then we change the injection method from the Auto Sampler Ribbon we choose ( no instrument injection) .  And then we press RUN,,, which will happen after the current injection ends and the device returns to Ready mode. The software will automatically inject the new sample with the change of the previous method with the method we want.

This is not available in many softwares and one of the advantages of Openlab CDS software over others...

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    Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our OpenLab CDS Software. I am happy to hear that our software meets your analytical needs.

    One thing you may or may not be aware of is that our OpenLab Help& Learning platform is now available online as well: Agilent OpenLab Help & Learning. You can always use that to discover even more amazing features of your OpenLab CDS Software.

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    Did you see the post?? For the full method for making separation, analysis and calculations for petroleum liquids, especially gasoline, using Openlab CDS software only, without the need for another software OR second party software??!! 


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    I did see the post indeed. From what it seems, it is a process that works for you currently, correct? There is no question pending is there?

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