Intermittency in the observation of peaks in one or two injections in a long Headspace sequence.

Hello, Comunnity. 

We have a 7890B GC  with a 7697A Headspace, operated with CDS 2.5. Since a few days the system is showing an intermittent error  Within a long secuence  in  one or two injections it shows no peaks. Reinjections have made of these sema vial shows the expected compounds. Based on the above We would like to know  what may be  happening and if any action is required on firmware or software issues. 

  • Hello  ,

    Thank you for your message.

    Do you have a screenshot of the error you are seeing? If you do please upload it here.

    You may also be able to see the sequence logs on the 7697 instrument by pressing on [Logs] key and selecting the Sequence log from the 3 possible options.

    Also, is the method a well established method, or is it a new method, that you just created?

    In terms of Firmware, do you know what versions you have currently, on both GC and Headspace? If you do not know the Firmware version, you can get that from both the GC and Headspace, from the instrument keyboard:

    - Press on Status.

    - Press on Clear.

    - Record the Firmware revisions. 

    Lastly, were there any changes in the lab that overlap with when the problem started? A non-exhaustive list would be: Windows updates, antivirus updates, CDS method changes, power outages or shutdowns of any sort.

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